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Specialty & Custom Finishes

Looking to give your interior a unique appearance? Adams Painting provides specialty wall, ceiling, and wood finishes giving your interior that one of a kind look. If you can show us an example of the look you want whether it is from a photograph, a drawing, a friend's house, or a magazine, most likely we can reproduce that look no matter what the pattern or texture. Let our years of experience in custom finishes bring your ideas to life. We are experts in providing specialty and custom finishes including: 


This is a 4 step coating process starting with the coating of your custom pattern or design on the wall and ending with a multicoated clear protective acrylic layer. The end result is a patterned coating that is smooth to the touch, extremely durable, and is often mistaken for wallpaper by visitors and guests. 


This technique is done entirely free hand to recreate the look and feel of rooms that were painted in a similar fashion in older historic times. 


This technique is used to give your wood furnishings and moldings a new look by bringing out the design of the wood grain. Often used with darker woods such as oak it caused the grain lines to darken while lightening the wood between the grain lines. This accents the wood grain pattern giving your wood work and furnishings a truly unique look. 

Sponge Painting and Rag Rolling

Similar to glazing this technique allows you to have a custom pattern look to your wall or ceiling but unlike glazing, the pattern will actually have a texture that can be felt.

Faux Finishes and Custom Textured Ceiling and Wall Painting

In the past we have designed and coated hundreds of custom patterns for customers, we are confident that if you can show or describe the specific pattern, texture, or appearance you are looking for we can do it.


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