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While many people like the look of a fine wallpaper, the idea of chaining it scares them away. Professionals at Adamís Paining know exactly how to handle this difficult task.

Joining a wallpaper can be a tricky and time consuming task, especially when working with more intricate patterns of wallpapers, like flowers or different sceneries, each piece has to be matched precisely with the previous piece. Another difficulty may be walls. While we assume our walls are straight, many times they are not, creating additional work which will require matching and precision. With Adamís Painting, waste of paper will be nominal and we know this is very important since we worked with very expensive wallpapers imported from Europe and we have done a great jobÖso go ahead and put some wallpaper in your life!

This is the basic wallpapering process at Adamís Paining:

  • Removal of old wallpaper and wallpaper adhesive
  • Replacement and repair of any defective wallboard or plaster
  • Spackling and repair of any cracks in the plaster or wallboard
  • Smoothing and sanding of the wall surface as necessary
  • Proper plumb lines to insure the wallpaper is hung straight
  • Correct pattern lineup between hung sheets of wallpaper
  • There will be no bubbling, rips, or tears in the wallpaper
  • All materials will be stored properly and the work area cleaned during and at the end of the job.



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